Being a confused twenty-something OR Why I started a blog

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a proper blog for some time now. I spend a lot of time ruminating these days and it’s definitely a healthier way to sort through my various thoughts and feelings by writing them down than keeping them all locked up. My life situation at present isn’t what I pictured it as being five years ago when I was going through my final year of high school, but that isn’t necessarily a negative, and I feel that having a place to record my progress from this point onwards is a constructive use of my time.

What you need to know about me…

I’m 22 years old, Australian, female identifying, queer*. Until this year I was studying at the Australian National University, but now I am taking some time off to reevaluate my decisions and take a chance on chasing some dreams I’ve put on the shelf for far too long. I’m working full-time (unhappily) in retail. I’m working (delightedly) on finishing my first novel. I’m working (determinedly) on my health and fitness. And just like most young people in the world, I’m trying to figure life out as I go along.

Care to join me for the ride?

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