One Year Later

The other day was my first fitversary. I spent it trampolining and teaching myself to do flips because how else do you spend the first anniversary of the best decision of your life? I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year. What I have achieved in that time makes me smile.

12 months ago I weighed, on a good day, 47 kgs. I was stick thin with no muscle tone whatsoever, I had tummy rolls from my unhealthy eating habits despite my bony body shape, my face was too thin and I was often tired and I got puffed after walking up a flight of stairs. On my first day in the gym I struggled to lift an olympic bar, I could barely squat with the assisted bar, I could only (barely) do 10kgs on any of the machines and I could only shoulder press 3kgs for a few reps each set before my arms shook too much to hold the dumb bells up.

Now I weigh 54kgs and still going (my goal is 60kgs). I can squat and deadlift 50+kgs. I can shoulder press 6kgs for 50 reps. I can run 5km. My shoulders and biceps are fiiiine. I discovered I have 8 abs after an intense core workout. I can hold 20kgs above my head for about 30 seconds before I get worried I’m going to drop it on my head haha. Oh and just the other day I discovered I’m capable of doing a flip on trampolines. I’m well on my way to my 100kg deadlift and 120kg squat goals, I’m more than half way to my goal weight, and I’m getting stronger and more athletic every day. I’m beginning some new workouts to develop my speed and agility on top of the strength training.

I am strong. I am fierce. I am getting better every day.

Oh, and I finally managed to tell my parents, on my fitversary, about my plans to go to wrestling school. They’re supportive and encouraging. I feel, for the first time, that my dream is actually within reach. I’m working hard every day to get there and having the support of people that I love makes it easier. I can’t wait to see where I am in another 12 months.

I can. I will. Just watch me.

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