Taking Hints From My Body

Listen to your body, what it’s telling you is very important.

There is a fine, fine line between pushing yourself and damaging yourself. I have been flirting with it recently. Having finished my period of rapid gains, my body has slowed its weight and bulk gains down and it is very frustrating for me. I have been stuck fluctuating between 53 and 55 kgs (116 – 122 lbs) for a month now, unable to push into those last 5 kgs to my goal weight (60 kgs/132 lbs). At this point I’ll be satisfied if I can make it to 57 kgs (126 lbs). Being stuck in this rut has made me develop some not so healthy behaviours.

I have started eating more fatty and sugar-filled foods (chocolate, ice cream, cake, biscuits, chips, lollies etc.) than I had limited myself to in order to up my kilojoule intake each day. Obviously this is not a healthy way to attempt to gain weight. Bad Erin, stop with the junk food, your body hates you for it. The worst part is that I might not have resorted to this if my appetite hadn’t disappeared for some reason. I had a healthy appetite until the last couple of weeks but for some reason it has decided to take a holiday. I’ve started taking a Vitamin B supplement in the hopes that it will assist me, so we shall see. But it’s clear I need to cut back the junk food again, eat lots of strawberries and mandarins instead like I was before.

But more recklessly, I’ve been pushing myself to work harder than I maybe should. Now, I’ve always pushed myself but within sensible limits. I’ve pushed my weights up to increase muscle growth and strength, and I’ve pushed myself on the treadmill and in the swimming pool to increase my fitness. All of these have been within acceptable limits. But, as it turns out, forcing your body to increase its workout time by 60 and 90 minutes is NOT a healthy way of pushing yourself. If your body is only used to one and two hours workouts, don’t start making it do three and four hour workouts. All it is going to do is make you feel like death when need to wake up at 4:30 am to get ready for work every day. So…. clearly this is crossing the line.

Despite being dog tired from those long workouts I haven’t been sleeping well, either. And yet still going to the gym for two hours after work. This is also… uh, not a good idea, as it turns out.

So, this week has largely been a rest week. I’m feeling rejuvenated today after some self-care and early nights. It will be back to the gym on Saturday, for 1-2 hours every day, with Thursday being my rest day. And it will also be back to the sensible diet with Friday as my cheat day. I can do the bulk up diet with healthy food because I’ve done it before, I just need to listen to my body the way I used to. I’m kind of glad I had this experience of not doing things right because I’ve been reminded that my body knows what it needs and how far it can be pushed and I should be listening to it, not fretting because my gains have slowed down. Time to get back to it, oh yeah. Especially since I might be starting wrestling school sooner than I thought I would be. More on that next time, though.

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